A/R Other Cash Receipts

If you are using ResiDex Accounts Receivable, you may wish to enter "other cash".  Other cash can be associated with or without a resident name. "Other Cash" does NOT display on the resident's statement or account overview.  It is often used for general reimbursement for non residential accounts or to record security deposit payments that have been made.

Payments entered in the "Other Cash" entry screen WILL be reflected on reports such as:

  • Total Cash Receipts
  • Total Bank Deposits

Enter Other Cash:

  • From the Receive Tab (1) - click "Other Cash Receipts (2)

  • Press New at the top of the screen

  • Enter the required information - indicated by bold text
  • Use the "+" button to add a new "Receipt for" option

  • When finished - press the save button at the top of the screen