A/R Reports

When payments are entered using the ResiDex A/R component, you will be able to run several reports.  You can run reports:

  • For a single batch (Batch Report)
  • For all deposits in a month (Total Cash Receipts)
  • For total deposits in a date range (Total Bank Deposits)

Batch Report

This will display all payments in a single batch.

  1. From the Receive tab
  2. Select the payment
  3. Click on the Batch Report button

Sample Batch Report:

This is a sample of the Batch Report.  It will display the payer and amount and the invoice the deposit was applied to.  You will also be notified if any or all of the payment was left "unapplied".

Total Cash Receipts Sample Report:

The Total Cash Receipts report will allow you to generate a report of all payments for a single month.  It will combine batch deposits and "other cash".  This report can be accessed through the ResiDex "Reports" tab.

Total Bank Deposits Report Sample:

The Total Bank Deposit will list a summary of the payments made within a date range.  It does not list the details of what is in each deposit but it contains the deposit total amount. This can be accessed through the ResiDex "Reports" tab.