ActiviDex Overview

ActiviDex is ResiDex's software solution for creating weekly or monthly event calendars, assigning activities to providers, documenting resident attendance, and printing a number of useful activity reports.

Monthly Event Calendars

Create base weeks that include recurring calendar items to be copied into future schedules.  Add special events, clip art, and print in list or calendar format.  Other features include:

  • Activity list based on Six Dimensions of Wellness
  • Option to include location and staff person or volunteer 
  • Create schedules for each community served  (ex. Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care)
  • Designate size of group (ex. large, small, one-on-one)
  • Copy by day or week to make data entry easier
  • Option to highlight certain activities
  • National holidays are automatically included on the calendar
  • Enter a special note to your residents per week

Document Resident Participation

Track activity attendance per event and/or per resident.  Features include:

  • Both scheduled and unscheduled activities can be documented
  • Resident-specific notes about attendance can be entered
  • Ease of charting with check boxes and 'check all' options
  • Track staff or volunteer involvement

Print Activity Logs and Summaries

Data from the documented activities can be accessed in various formats to help you plan for the future and provide information to resident families.  Some of the reports include:

  • Activity Attendance Summary - Count of activities attended by type
  • Activity Client Hours - Activity hours summary using the 6 dimensions of wellness
  • Activity Count - Count of client's activities from documented activities
  • Activity Hours - Summary of activity hours by staff member/volunteer
  • Activity Log - Summary of client's documented activities

Other Special Features:

  • Activity Sign-In Sheets
  • Activity Staff Schedule
  • Activity Attendance Sheet
  • Activity / Leisure Questionnaire or Assessment