Activity Check Out / In Report

If you use ActiviDex and Desktop ResiDex you will have a "Snap Report" called "Activity Check Out/In".

The purpose of this report is to document who attended the activity, and to have a form to check the client "out" and "in".

To Generate the Report:

  • First document those attending the activity from one of the following options RTasks (recommended); Today Screen; Activity Setup Tab
  • Go to the Act. Setup Tab IN DESKTOP RESIDEX
  • Select the Schedule Group
  • Click on an activity
  • Click on Snap Reports and toggle print/preview to your preference
  • Select the Snap Report - Activity Check out/in

To Enter Notes on an Activity that has been documented:

To enter notes for confirmation of return, go to RTask Screen Done items and click on the activity. Add a note for each resident to confirm they have returned.

This is also accessible from the Act. Setup tab. Click on an activity and click the Doc button to add/edit notes.