Activity Clip Art and Text

You may already be using ActiviDex to create your activity calendar, but you may not realize that you can "dress up" those calendars.  

We have provided you with graphics that are customized to fit into the blank areas of your calendar to create a fun, colorful, attention-grabbing look to them.

Before this process is done, the "Calendar Picture Path" must be setup.

Where will the images fit?

You should first preview your activity calendar for the month to see where the days of the week land and where the blank spaces are. I have provided an example:

Insterting Images:

  1. From the Act. Setup Tab
  2. Select the Schedule Group
  3. Click "Calendar Pics"

  • A pop up window will appear with a "placement" grid

  • According to our report preview and comparison to the grid - Positions 3 and 6 are available for images
  • Fill in the items at the bottom by selecting items from the drop down menu

  1. The first field will display the calendar month
  2. Select the Schedule Group
  3. Select the number to specify the position
  4. Click the "..." box to open the file location of the images - once selected the path will display here

The Results:

After the images are placed, you can run the Activity Schedule - Monthly (Calendar) report and you will see the images that were selected.

Hints for selecting images:

  • When you click on the "..." button you will be directed to the picture path
  • Many times "icons" will appear instead of the actual images
  • Click on the "More Options" drop down to select a different view

  • I selected "Large Icons" and the images display what they would look like on the calendar

Inserting Calendar Text:

If you wish to type a "text" piece into the calendar in place of a clip art image, you can easily do so.  Follow the above instructions to start entering a clip art image:

  • Enter the information at the bottom of the pop up window
  • Select the calendar month
  • Schedule Group
  • Select position 7 or 8
  • Type the text - note: hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and pressing Enter will allow you to start a new line

The Results:

After the images and text pieces are placed, you can run the Activity Schedule - Monthly (Calendar) report and you will see the items on the calendar.