Activity Setup

Scheduling activities for upcoming weeks is an important part of Activities Management.  By creating up to 4 'Base' weeks, users can preset up to 4 standard schedules, copy them to a particular calendar week, and then make final edits before printing calendars and activity schedules. 

Users with Role 62  can manage activity schedules.


Scheduling Weekly Activities

From the Today Screen, navigate to +More > Campus > Scheduled Activities.

  1. Select the community for whom you're creating the schedule
  2. Select the correct calendar week
  3. If activities are currently scheduled for this week, they would appear here. 
  4. Selecting the 'Schedule' button will allow you to begin adding scheduled items. 

Scheduling Options:

  1. Scheduling a single activity allows adding activities one at a time.  This may be used to add those special events that do not occur on a regular basis.
  2. Copy Base Week will allow the user to use pre-set base weeks as a template for this new week's schedule
  3. Copy Previous Week allows the user to copy the schedule from the previous week to this one

Single Activity Entry

  • Group - Select the group or community for whom you are scheduling the activity
  • Type - Select the type of activity from the dropdown options provided
  • Activity - add a name or title for the activity
  • Date - include scheduled date and time
  • Location - include details on location of the activity
  • Group Size - can vary from 1:1 to large group options
  • Duration in minutes - estimate the length of the activity
  • Provider - assign to a provider.  This will appear in the Today screen for charting.
  • Description - write a brief description of the activity and
  • Instructions for performing the activity

Copy Base Week

Simply select the group for whom you are creating the schedule, choose the Base week, and the week to which the base activities should be applied.   Save.

Copy Previous Week

Select the group for whom you are scheduling activities, the week to copy from, and the week to apply those scheduled activities to.  Save.

Editing or Deleting Scheduled Activities

Once the schedule for a week has been created, users can edit or delete items on future dates.  Click the blue icons to the right of the scheduled activity to edit or discard an item.  

Activities Assigned

Once activities have been scheduled and assigned, they will appear in the Today screen for that provider to document.