Activity Master Setup

The master activity setup will impact activity assessments and documentation. It is fully customizable just like the basic assessment setup.  

We will demonstrate how to customize your activities for assessment entry and RTasks documentation purposes.

Basic Edits - Activate/Inactivate Activity Items:

  • From the Setup tab - search for "Activity"
  • Select "Campus Assess - Activities, BIO, Dietary"
  • Toggle between "Active" or "All" and toggle between "Keep All Campuses in Sync" turning it on/off as needed



In this example, I activated "Cognitive". After selecting "All"

  1. Click "Keep All Campuses in Sync"
  2. Click on the activity item and select "Active for this campus"
  3. Select "Activity Inventory"


ResiDex Recommendations:

Each category will have a subset of evaluation options.  You do NOT need to use "Board Games - Cognitive", but could instead use "Cognitive".  If you activate ONLY the dimensions of wellness, you will have access to a wide variety of activity evaluation options.  The following would be our recommendation to activate:

  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Vocational

Advanced Setup:

Our advanced setup contains adding new activity categories and editing the evaluation options.  This needs to be done with EXTREME caution to prevent data loss.

Add a New Activity Category OR Edit Related Information:

  • From the Setup Tab - Select "Assessment" from the category on the left
  • Click on "Assessment - Master Category List" from the select option list on the right
  • Select "New" from the QAT (Quick Access Tool Bar) at the top of the screen
  • Fill in the field - Category = New Category Name
  • Category Type = Activities
  • Wellness Dimensions (Required for Activities)

Add/Edit Activity Evaluation Options:

  • If you just ADDED the new category - make it active by following the steps in the above section "Basic Edits - Activate/Inactivate Activity Items"
  • Next, navigate to the Setup tab and select "Assessment - Master Assessment Setup"
  • Add/Edit the "Sort Order" (1)
  • Add/Edit the "Evaluation Option (Answers) (2)

Specify What Items are Available for RTasks Unscheduled Activity Documentation:

  • Select/Un-select "OK as Unscheduled" as applicable (3)