Activity Note Shortcuts

Activity Note Shortcuts make documenting resident participation faster and more concise. Rather than typing in full words or phrases, you can type in one letter that represents that word or phrase. Staff can easily choose the level of participation and your activity logs are consistent.

To Enter Shortcuts:

  1. Click on the Activity tab
  2. Using the arrows, choose the date you wish to document
  3. Click on "Doc" to the left of the desired activity
  4. After placing check marks in the boxes to indicate attendance, use the tab key on your keyboard to move to the note field
  5. Type in "key" and tab to fill in the desired automatic note (definitions of the key codes are found at the top right of the screen)
  6. If you wish to enter more than one note, use the tab key after 1 or 2 key codes

The notes will appear on the activity participation summaries available from the Reports tab.