Leisure / Activity Inventory

The Leisure Activity Inventory is a non-clinical assessment that can be used to identify a resident's interests, and can then guide activity staff in planning activities. 

Contact ResiDex support staff if you would like non-nurses or supervisors (activity staff) to be able to enter this assessment.  

Activity / Leisure Inventory

This assessment can be customized to include any questions or activity options you wish to add.  Contact ResiDex support staff for assistance in customization!

The activity options that are included in the assessment become your master list of activity options and will be available to select when staff are documenting an unscheduled activity.  

Entering the Inventory

Navigate from the Today screen > Clinical > Assessments > select the resident and the Leisure Activity Inventory.  Start the assessment.

Entry of information proceeds as with other assessment types- the user can make a selection and add or edit notes, and eventually mark it complete.

Once it has been marked complete, there is record of it in the Assessment History for that client. It can be printed there, or is available in Reports.



Reports are accessed by navigating to Fax/Print > Reports > Actividex category.  Suggested reports include:

  • Activity Interest Summary - a printed version of a completed assessment
  • Activity Questionnaire (Blank) - a paper copy of a blank assessment
  • Assessment Data (One Option) - allows you to select a specific activity question and view how it is answered by all residents.