Activity Reports

Documentation of activities in RTasks provides users with a number of different types of reports, including activity calendars, attendance recap reports, and summary reports that give insights for activity planning.

Calendar Options

Activity Schedule Month - shows a month's view of scheduled activities for the community in a calendar format.   

Activity Week Calendar View - displays a week's view of the scheduled activities.  Contact ResiDex support if your activity calendar week starts on a Monday instead of a Sunday;  we can customize this for you. 

My Activity Calendar - will create a personalized monthly calendar for each resident.  This includes only those activities that correlate to activity preferences the resident identified in the Leisure Activity Inventory assessment, cross-referenced with scheduled activities for the period.  

Resident Involvement

Activity Log Resident - is the 'go to' summary report for activity directors to view and communicate individual resident participation in activities.  Two associated reports are Activity Log - By Date & Activity, and Activity Log - Provider.  

Activities Declined shows all activities offered but declined for the campus.  For a resident to appear on the list, users would add a snippet 'offered/declined' in the note field for a given resident and activity. 

Activity Summary All  is handy for determining which activities are well-attended and should be added to upcoming activity calendars.  There are also reports such as Activity Participation and Activity Participation Unscheduled that focus on a particular activity on a given date/time.  

Associated Reports

Care Conference Summary pulls data helpful when conducting a care conference.  Activity attendance is included in that summary.