Adjustments Overview

When you are using ResiDex to record payments there are times when a payment does not match the invoice exactly.  There may be times when refunds or adjustments need to be made.  We will outline a few scenarios and suggestions on handling theses cases.

Adjustments vs. Charge Credits

What is the difference?

An adjustment is applied to a specific invoice.  An invoice has an invoice number and can no longer be edited on the charge screen.  An adjustment immediately shows on the account overview and will display on the following statement that generates.

A charge credit is entered as a negative (-) quantity (-1 at $50.00) or a negative dollar amount (1 at -$50.00) directly on the charge screen. This is often used for facilities using the ResiDex billing system but not accounts receivable.  This will show on the trial invoice detail report and the invoice after it has been posted. (Statements and account overviews are only available if you are using the accounts receivable component).


If you use ResiDex Accounts Receivable and the invoice has been sent out, we recommend entering an adjustment. This will give a "cleaner aging" and account overview.

If you notice an issue prior to mailing the invoice/statement you can unpost one invoice and make corrections to the current month's charges or enter an adjustment for the current period.