Agreement: MD Orders

Minnesota regulations  specify the frequency with which the MD must review and/or recertify the orders for home care clients. Other states may have a similar requirement, OR the nurse may consider it a best practice to have periodic MD comprehensive review of orders.  The MD Orders feature in desktop ResiDex allows the nurse to create a comprehensive document for the MD to review or certify for a set period of time.  Nurses may elect to include this information on the Resident Agreement or Service Plan. 

MD Order Notifications

We recommend following the directions in this document to implement MD Order notifications based on the MD ORDER END DATE.  This method provides a simpler approach to tracking annual MD orders than does an older method that required creation of an MD Order service.  Please call support if you have questions regarding the conversion from the older method. 

Using the MD order notification based on the MD Order End Date ensures that the nurse will be notified to renew orders at least annually.  The nurse may elect to send the MD orders to be reviewed by the MD after a lengthy absence from the facility, hospitalization, or dramatic change in condition with subsequent changes in many orders.  Certification dates are completely editable by the nurse and can be changed to meet the needs for that resident.


What do we suggest?

If you choose to include information regarding the frequency of MD recertification on your Service Plan/Resident Agreement, you may customize your agreement by reviewing our Customizing Agreements document.