Applying Payments

To apply payments you will create a batch that consists of one or more checks on a deposit slip or direct deposit entry.  Once you create the batch you will apply the payments to each individual and their invoice.  If an invoice has not been posted for a private pay resident, you may leave the payment posted but not applied.

To create a batch:

  1. From the Receive tab click the New button
  2. Enter the Deposit amount/ Batch Total
  3. Enter the deposit date
  4. Press OK

After pressing OK, the payment entry will open

To post "Private Pay" money:

  1. Select the resident name* from the list
  2. If a resident is discharged click the check box labeled "all" beside the resident name field then select the resident name from the option list
  3. Enter the payment amount for this resident
  4. Select the payment type
  5. Enter a payment note (optional)
  6. Enter the check/ref# (optional)
  7. Enter the check date (optional)

  • The payment amount will display as "unapplied"
  • Click "Apply"by the correct invoice

NOTE: If there is only one open invoice and the payment amount matches the invoice amount exactly, you may see the apply box open automatically

  • If they resident only has one payer a box will appear to apply to full amount to the invoice

Apply Payments to Individual Line Items:

If the Resident had more than one payer invoiced that month and if the campus configuration option: Apply all payments per line item is turned on the apply option will display invoice lines

  • Select the invoice lines where you wish to apply the payment (you will see the "remaining due" on each line)

To apply money from an  "Other Payer":

  1. Select the "Other Payer" from the drop down list
  2. Enter the payment amount
  3. Select the type of payment
  4. Enter a payment note (optional)
  5. Enter the check/ref # (optional)
  6. Enter the check date (optional)

  1. Select the Resident
  2. Click "Apply" by the invoice and apply the payment to the invoice or line items as described above

NOTE: If a resident does not have an open invoice line item, you will not be able to apply the payment to the resident.  You will leave the payment un-applied under the specified payer until the next posting is complete.

To Close a Batch

When all money is applied, the batch will automatically be closed.

To Pause Payment Entry

If all money is not posted you will see a "Remaining" amount under the Batch total in the upper right corner.  If you need to pause entry, simply click the X in the upper right hand corner. A message will appear "Batch is not complete. Close form anyway?" Press "yes" to close and "no" to continue entering payments.

To Resume Payment Entry:

Click on the batch in the receive tab that has a "yes" in the column labeled "Closed".  Click "Add to my existing batch".  Follow the steps above to post private or other payer payments