A/R Other Receipts

If you use ResiDex's Accounts Receivable, you may wish to enter "other receipts".  Other receipts can be associated with a resident name, or not. These payments are NOT displayed on the resident's statement or account overview.  It is often used for general reimbursement for non-residential accounts or to record security deposit payments that have been made.

Payments entered as Other Receipts WILL be reflected in reports such as:

  • Total Cash Receipts
  • Total Bank Deposits

Enter Other Receipts:

  • From the Billing tab - click Receive Payments
  • Select the Other Receipts option
  • Click New Item
  • Select the Received Date
  • Enter the REQUIRED information: Payment Method, Amount, and Type
  • Optionally fill in or select items for any other fields
  • When finished - press Save

View or Delete Other Receipts

  • Use the navigation arrows to select the month
  • If you have not closed the month, you may use the "trash can" icon to delete a record