Assessment Question Setup

Assessments are made up of topics, categories (questions) and evaluation options (possible answers). Your database will come with a list of questions that you can select to appear on each assessment type.  We will break down the assessment setup for you.  If the questions that are there do not meet your needs, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to assist in customizing the assessment questions with you.

How to view available assessment questions

Begin at the "Setup" tab

  • Select "Assessment" from the list on the left
  • Select "Campus Assessment Setup" from the available options on the right

This will open the Campus Assessment Setup Screen where you will:

  • Select a "Topic" (A)
  • Select "Active" or "All" (B)
  • Acknowledge the "Keep All Campuses in Sync" (Click once to keep all in sync, click a second time to turn keep all in sync off)*

To specify which categories show up on each assessment occasion 

  • Select a "Category"
  • On the right side verify it is "Active"
  • Put a check in each assessment occasion that you want the question to appear
  • If you have not already done so, acknowledge the "keep all campuses in sync"

Please Note: If you have an assessment category "Active" but do not specify that it is to display on an assessment occasion, it will only appear when you are in the "Review Assessment Details" assessment screen.

*Keep all campuses in sync is a way to automatically update every campus in a given database.