Memo Invoice: New/Discharged Resident

When a resident moves in or out, your company may want to provide them with an invoice immediately.  The invoice may contain charges that are to be paid 'up front' for a move-in,  or appear on a final bill upon move-out. In either scenario, you may wish to manually create an invoice for the resident prior to your billing period.

You may enter charges manually at any time directly into the charge screen. Entering the charges immediately will:

  • Allow you to create a "Memo" invoice
  • Ensure the charges are entered by the time invoices are ready to be posted

What is a "Memo" invoice?

A memo invoice is a snapshot of the charges screen as of that exact time. It will contain manually entered charges AND automatically created charges if invoice lines have already been created.

Why create a "Memo" invoice?

Some facilities collect money upon move-in or they want to send a final bill  when the individual moves out. Creating a memo invoice will allow you to hand the resident a statement as of today for the current charges.

If this is an initial bill, you will want to mention to the resident that they will see these charges on the next statement they receive. If you use ResiDex Accounts Receivable, any payments made before the statement is generated will also be reflected on the statement but will not be included on the Memo invoice.

How do I create a Memo invoice?

  • Go to the Resident "Charge" screen
  • Add any charges (you most likely do NOT want to have "invoice lines created")
  • Click "Memo" at the top of the screen


Here is an example of what the Memo Invoice will look like.  It will only show the CURRENT charges and will not include payments, adjustments, or the new account balance that would be included on a STATEMENT.