Billing: Care Package Setup

Care Packages are typically a monthly or daily package that is usually based on a care level or points system. A resident must be on the billing option "Care Package" in order to see the "care package" field in the Resident "Billing"screen.

To Create Care Packages:

  • From RTasks - Select Billing and Billing Configuration
  • Select the option Packages
  • Click on New Care Package or click on a current package
  • Enter/Edit the Package Name and enter/edit the rate and frequency
  • If you are editing a package in use you will be prompted for an effective date
  • Press Save

What Happens When the Rate Changes:

If someone is on the care package that was edited, the care package will automatically display the updated care package rate in their Billing - Care Package information.  The Care Package History will show the history of his/her care package changes.