Billing Contacts

There are times when a family member wishes to receive the statement or invoice instead of the individual living at the facility.  This document will explain how the invoice "mail to" is determined. 

Default Billing Address:

By default the resident will receive his/her own invoice.  The campus address and unit will automatically print on the invoice and it will go directly to the resident.

Billing Contact:

Adding a contact and checking the "Billing" check box now make this person the default billing contact. 

When the billing contact is checked, the resident will not get the invoice but it will be addressed to the contact referencing the resident name.  

Copy of Bill:

If the resident and family member(s) OR multiple contacts need to receive the invoice we will use the "Copy of Bill" feature.  Using this, the resident (or billing contact) will receive the invoice but any contact marked as "Copy of Bill" will also receive an invoice. While you can only have ONE "Billing" contact you can have multiple "Copy of Bill" contacts