Billing: Contract Amounts

Contract amounts are adjusted rates that the county or program payor has agreed to pay for a resident's services or housing.  You can optionally use contract amounts for agreed upon amounts with private pay individuals.

Enter the Contract Amount:

  • From the Resident Fees/Payers screen - Select the Payer
  • Select or enter the "Program"
  • Enter the Contract Amount
  • All other fields are optional if you are not electronically billing from ResiDex
  • Note: The effective date will display on a report but will NOT start/stop a contract amount

Update the Contract Amount

  • When a contract amount changes - you can UPDATE the contract rate by overtyping the amount
  • You can see the "history" of the changes by RIGHT clicking on a payer
  • Select "Payer History"

  • The Payer History Report will display any changes made to the payer line items