Billing Notes

The billing note option will allow a staff to communicate to the person processing the invoices.  This is a central location to put notes that will impact billing.  You may wish to enter a note that draws attention to a contract amount change, care package change, or discount per agreement.

Enter a Billing Note:

  • From the Resident Home list - click the Go button to open a Resident Profile
  • Open the resident Fees/Payers screen
  • Click "Add" by the billing note field

  • Enter the billing note information
  • Press "Save" and the note will be saved

Billing Note Reports:

After entering billing notes, you will have several available reports.  To find these reports:

  • Go to the Reports Tab
  • Search for Billing Note and you can access any of these reports
    • Billing notes: This will display all billing notes for one resident
    • Billing Notes - All:  This will list all billing notes entered grouped by month
    • Billing Notes - Classic view: This will display all billing notes for all residents
    • Billing Notes - This Month: This will display all billing notes for the current billing period

Delete a Billing Note:

  1. Click on the billing note
  2. The entire note will display below
  3. Press the "Delete" button

  • A pop up will appear to confirm you want to delete the note
  • Press OK and the note will be deleted