Billing: Rate Schedule Setup

When creating a rate schedule, you will determine what a unit will equal and what rate per provider will be billed per unit. Rate schedules will be used for fee for service and care packages when incremental charges are billed at a VARIABLE rate.

Setup/Edit Variable Rate Schedules (Global Setup):

  • In RTasks - click on Billing and Billing Configuration
  • Select the option - Rate Schedules
  • Click - New Rate Schedule (or) click on one of the current rate schedules
  • Enter/Edit the Rate Schedule name 
  • Enter/Edit the Increment value


15 min would mean: 1 to 15 min = 1 unit; 16 to 30 min = 2 units; etc.

30 min would mean:  1 to 30 min = 1 unit; 31 to 60 min = 2 units; etc.

  • Enter/Edit the per increment rate for each provider type needed
  • Press Save