Billing Remit To Address

When using ResiDex Billing module, you have the flexibility to enter a "Remit to Address" that may be different from your campus address.  ResiDex can handle multiple remit to addresses to accommodate a database with multiple campuses.  

Enter Remit To Addresses:

  • From the Setup tab - search for "Remit"
  • From the option list on the right - select "Remit to Addresses"
  • Click on new at the top of the screen to add a new one or edit the existing Remit to address
  • The "Description" field will be what we see when selecting the remit to address for the campus
  • The other fields will display on the Invoice/Statement


Select the Remit to Address for Each Campus:

The remit to address for each campus is selected on the "Billing Option" screen.  Due to the impact many options on this screen has, only a ResiDex Team Member can edit this information.  Please contact us after you have entered the remit to address and we can specify the address for each of your campuses.