Billing: Rent Setup

Each unit/room in your facility should be assigned at least one rent type, based upon the style of apartment (Efficiency, Shared Suite, 1-bedroom, etc...) it is.  A second or third rent type may be assigned to a room/unit to accommodate situations such as shared occupancy that is billed at a lower rate.   This document will explain how to set up rent types and how to assign them to each room.

Rent Types:

  • From RTasks - Select Billing > Billing Configuration
  • Select the option Rent
  • Click on New Rent or click on a current Rent Type
  • Enter/Edit the Rent Name and enter/edit the rate and rate frequency
  • Select the units that should be assigned this rent type
  • If you are editing the rent type of a unit currently occupied,  you will be prompted for an effective date
  • Press Save

NOTE: If a unit can have more than one rent type (example: 1 Bedroom AND Second Occupant), continue the rent setup selecting the appropriate units/rent types.

Editing Rent Rates:

  • From RTasks - Select Billing > Billing Configuration
  • Select the option Rent
  • Click on any rent type
  • Edit the rate
  • Enter the effective date
  • Press Save
  • NOTE: Each resident with that rent will have the new rate with the effective date added to their profile