Billing: Service Charge Setup

Service charges can be set by service, allowing fee-for-service billing.  Those same services may also be checked to be 'included in package' for residents who may be on a Care Package billing system.  This dual system allows for flexibility in billing services for residents. 

Setting Service Charges must be added or edited from the Global Services list, and requires the Administrator (411) role.  To enter charges, navigate from the RTasks Today screen > +More > Administration > Global Services.

Adding or Editing a Service Charge

Whether you are adding a new service, or editing an existing one, service charge entry is the same.  

From the service you are creating or editing, navigate to the billing section

Charge Type allows selecting either

  1. Fixed - a set rate per time for that service
  2. Fixed count - a set rate per "count" entered for that service
  3. Fixed Month Postbill - a set monthly amount, billed after services are provided
  4. Fixed Month Prebill - a set monthly amount, billed prior to time services are provided
  5. No Charge - free / no charged per service (Usually charged within a supplemental package)
  6. Variable - based upon the rate schedule or  variable rate set per provider, and the time spent in performing the service.

The GL  Code (optional) simply allows specifying the GL code for accounting purposes

Points (Fixed) allows specifying a set point value for the service.  Points accrued determine care levels

Points (per minute) allow applying points based upon the time spent performing that service.

Include in Package by default will automatically set that service to be included in the resident's Package for residents on a Care Package system.  This can be unchecked at the time the service is entered, if it should not be included in the package.

Taxable allows indication of whether sales tax should be applied.