Campus Units

Entering campus units is most often done as part of the database setup and allows users to identify the rooms/units  to which they can assign their residents. Campus Units may need to be updated during an expansion or if additional rooms are made available or inactivated. 

To enter unit numbers: 

Navigate to the RTasks Today screen and +More button;  Supervisors will see the Administration category.  Select 'Units.

Entry fields appear, allowing the user to view current units:

  1. Click the box next to 'Show Inactive' to see any units that are no longer in service or have been inactivated.
  2. The unit number, community, and current occupant are listed
  3. Vacant units are marked as 'available'
  4. The edit button would allow the user to make a unit inactive or change the community
  5. The button Add New Unit allows the user to add another unit to the list.

Enter a New Unit

To enter a new unit, simply select "Add a New Unit" and enter the unit number and the community in which it is located.  Save.


When entering units please keep the following in mind:

  • Some facilities choose to create multiple units to indicate a shared unit.  For example: Unit 101 A and 101 B.