Care Conference Management

Care Conferences with residents, families, and/or significant others may be held regularly or on an 'as needed' basis.  Care Conferences are an excellent opportunity to review resident status and progress, answer questions, and make plans moving forward.  

RTasks offers several ways to prepare for and document the minutes of a care conference.  


Task Manager can be used to create Tasks for yourself or others, reminding to schedule care conferences, extend invitations, etc...    These can be created for a single date, OR a Task Type can be created to reoccur at specified intervals (e.g. every 3 months or 6 months).  If you wish to set up a recurring task type, contact Residex Support!

Care Conference Documents

Pulling data together into clean reports makes the care conference run smoothly. Some reports you may opt to share with the resident and family, others you may choose to simply have on hand to refer to during the conference. Suggestions from our clinical team include some Summary reports:

Care Conference Summary gathers information for a specified period and allows easy review of data, including 

  • Diagnosis
  • Allergies
  • Code Status
  • Referral History
  • Recent Vital Signs
  • Current Meds and recent med changes
  • Current Service and service changes
  • Incidents
  • Activity Attendance
  • Review of current Contacts and their contact information

Monthly Progress is quite comprehensive, but differs from the above report largely

  • includes Resources for review
  • includes Vaccinations
  • Does not show med 
  • Does not include services or service changes
  • Includes notes by Type 

There are also reports more specific in nature:

  • Resident Notes - Of a Type - One Resident can show certain notes-- such as previous care conferences, behavior notes, etc....
  • Behavior Plan - shows details of the behavior services currently scheduled for the resident.  It can demonstrate what services are in place to document / address behaviors
  • Behavior History will show actual behavior charting completed, including time spent, occurrences by shift, interventions, and notes entered.
  • Referral History displays all referrals and appointments for a given period of time
  • Medications Current will show just current medications for a resident, while Medications History will show current AND discontinued medications for the resident
  • Resident Plan of Care will show current services scheduled for the resident
  • Activity Log - Resident shows the summary of activities for that resident
  • Incident Summary - One Resident provides just a summary reference of incidents that happened for a period.  Incident Details - One Resident includes the specifics of each incident for a period
  • Refused or declined services:  Meds Declined - One Resident or  Declined Services - One Resident
  • Vital Signs - Resident Review  shows graphed vital sign values over a period of time, while Vital Signs - One Resident provides more a list format

Documenting the Care Conference

Creating a note type of "Care Conference" will allow you to pull all Care Conference notes together to view and/or print.  Going the extra step and creating a 'template' for this note type will ensure that all aspects of resident care can be covered- for instance;

  • Who attended
  • Clinical Review
  • Dietary Review
  • Therapy Review (if appropriate)
  • Activity Review
  • etc...

Once the Care Conference is complete (or while it is being held), notes can be entered, then marked complete with the conclusion of the conference.  These notes can also be forwarded as snap messages to other members of your team.