Care Status History

The resident care status can be updated on the Resident Profile screen.  Each time a status is changed, (e.g. to Hold or Active)  it records that history in the Care Status History screen, visible as a link below the resident picture.  An accurate Care Status History is important when creating census and occupancy reports and for billing purposes

Nurses or staff with Role 11 (Manager) or  Role 13 (Supervisor) are able to edit the Care Status History.  You can also contact ResiDex Support and request that permission be granted to another provider type via a configuration.

The ability to edit care status history (and so reconcile inconsistencies) can be done in RTasks.

Editing Care Status History

Navigate to the Resident Profile screen and click on Care Status History.

The start and end dates and times are displayed for each change in status, including the names of staff who entered the data.  Clicking on the blue pen to the right of the entry will allow editing the dates and times.  


RTasks will automatically reconcile dates- so that if the return date/time of a hospitalization is edited, the active status is updated to the same in the line above.