Unpost One Invoice

If billing changes need to be made after posting but before mailing out statements, you can apply an adjustment (when ResiDex A/R is in use)  OR unpost one invoice.

You can only apply an adjustment to current billing period if:

  • You use ResiDex A/R
  • You have "strict close" turned off (Please have an administrator contact us to turn this on or off).

Unpost one invoice:

  1. On the billing screen click "Unpost Invoice"
  2. Click on the drop down list
  3. Select the Resident from the option list

  • Confirm you want to unpost the invoice

Make Changes to the Unposted Invoice:

Repost One Invoice

  • Return to the billing tab
  • Click "Repost Invoice" 

Making changes with adjustments

To make changes by doing an adjustment, follow the instructions on "Entering an Adjustment".  If you do not have the "Strict Close" configuration on and want to update the statement before sending it out:

  • Make sure the adjustment date is within the "Current billing month"
  • When finished - return to the billing tab and click the "Recalculate Statement Balances" button