Charge Type

Each service in the Global Job (Service) List is assigned to a "charge type".  A charge type will determine how the service is billed for all Fee for Service billing and items NOT marked as included in the package for Care Package Billing.

Charge Type Options:

  • Free: Not charged per service (usually charged in a care or supplemental package)
  • Variable: charge a set dollar amount per increment - increment and rate set up in Rate Schedule
  • Fixed: charged a set dollar amount per service instance
  • Fixed Count: charged a set dollar amount per value charted. (Ex: laundry loads)

Specify Charge Type Per Service:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - start at the Setup Tab
  • Select Service List on the left - Service List Review (G/L) on the right
  • From the Charge Type option list - select the correct type for each service