Charting Completion Tips

Charting completion is everyone's goal.  While RTasks makes it as simple as making sure that each provider's "To do" list is empty and their "Done" list is full at the end of the shift, we have several other tips to keep charting complete!

Reassign Services

If a housekeeper needs to juggle his/her weekly cleaning schedule because of planned move-ins, outs, etc... OR if a bathing service can't be completed because the resident is out of the facility that day-- the Reassign Services option allows that task to be reassigned rather than being 'Missed' or 'Declined'.  This is set up by service in the Global Service List;  the supervisor setting this up can determine how far ahead a service might be reassigned.  When staff use that Reassign button, they are asked to provide a reason for the reassigned service, creating some accountability.  

The report Reassigned Services Summary can be referenced to summarize those services that are being reassigned for a period of time. 

Bringing a Resident Back from HOLD

When a resident has been on hold, the date and time  selected as they are being made active will determine the services that populate.  

If the resident is made active at 1pm and returns at 7pm, all services and meds will have been populated for that resident since 1pm-- increasing the likelihood that some services are missed.  Taking care when setting the date and time of return will eliminate this.


Last 12 Hours

Change-of-shift is an ideal time to take stock of what services may have been left incomplete.  The Last 12 hours feature makes this simple.

Both incoming and outgoing shifts can navigate to the Today Screen and from the Provider dropdown menu, scroll to the bottom to the Last 12 hours option. This will display all services in the last 12 hours that have not been documented as complete or declined.  The staff person to whom they were assigned is listed in parentheses after the service.

Users can review those services and identify a plan to address those.

Login Report

The Login Report Option 'Missing Services and Chores' and 'Missing Med Recap' can be added and enabled for all active users.  This can inform all staff of chores, services, and meds that are not yet documented.

Supervisory Review

Nurses/Supervisors have more flexibility and latitude in charting medications and services.  They may, from the Today screen, navigate to the correct provider and date to view those missed services and address them.

Medications can be handled by navigating to the Clinical>Medication Charting History screen in RTasks. Select the date range and the resident for whom you want to review Med Charting.  That resident's meds will populate.

A nursing comment added to any medication will provide an 'accounting' of that med and so remove them from the missed medications list.