Controlled Medication Counting

Recording counts of controlled medications is typically done during shift changes - but reviews of controlled medication counts can be done anytime in RTasks. (Counts can also be documented during medication administration).

Medication Counting

  • Log into RTasks
  • Click on the "Clinical" option
  • Select "Medication Counting"

  • Select a resident
  • Optionally, select a witness from the dropdown and have them enter their RTask password

  • The controlled medications will be displayed
  • Enter a count and optionally a note (this could be used to correct a previous count)

View Medication Count History

  • Click on "View Medication Count History"
  • Enter a date range
  • View the details below including the number of pills given, the count remaining and the staff who documented


Receiving Controlled Meds from the Pharmacy

Medications received from the pharmacy can be added to the count using the Receive Medications button.

  • Click on the RTask Clinical Button
  • Select Receive Medications
  • Enter resident name and the medication received from dropdown menus.
  • Optionally,  select a witness and have them enter their RTask password
  • Enter the quantity received (60), and the total quantity on hand (78)
  • Enter the date received and the RX number of the received medication
  • Enter the pharmacy and provider from drop down menus.
  • Optionally, enter a note.


RTasks Related Report:

RTasks has a related report that you can enable following these directions. After it is enabled you can:

  • Log into RTasks and click on Fax/Print
  • Select Reports
  • Select the "All" category
  • Select the report Pill Count History
  • Select the resident and date range and click Create Report (below is a sample report)