Profiles: Contacts

Contacts are those people playing an important role in the lives of residents and prospects.  Family members, significant others, and friends are included as contacts.

In addition, individuals from within an organization who have referred prospective residents to your program may be considered a contact, and will appear here.  

Users with Role 9 have visibility to and can edit the Contacts screen.  

Viewing Contacts

Navigate to the Profiles > Contacts option from the menu bar. 

  1. The search field allows entry of any part of the name or address for easy location of individuals.
  2. The total number of contacts contained in the library is shown
  3. The page selector appears if there are over 100 entries.  Entries are in alphabetical order; the user can also scroll between pages of contacts.

The Contact entries appear as follows:

The contact entry includes:

  1. The name of the contact 
  2. The resident or prospect to whom they are associated, or the name of the referring organization to which a contact is affiliated.  
  3. Contact phone number/s, email, and address

Editing or Deleting a Contact

Select the contact to be edited.  Entry fields appear and desired information can be added or changed, then saved.  The name of the prospect or resident with whom this contact is affiliated can also be viewed.

Deleting a contact can be done if the contact is not affiliated with a current or former resident or prospect.  If the contact is affiliated with a record, the user can opt to specify a replacement option.  Select the entry, click the delete button, and then enter the replacement contact and confirm.

Reports pertaining to Contacts can be found by navigating to Fax/Print > Reports > category Contacts.