Covid-19 Support

ResiDex offers the following suggestions that support our customers during times of epidemic or pandemic.  

Resident Symptom Screening

Tracking services entitled Symptom Screen 1 and Symptom Screen 2 can be activated that will allow staff to ask/observe and document resident symptoms at whatever frequency is indicated.  The Symptom Screen services can be combined with Vital Sign services such as Monitor Temp or Monitor O2 Saturation into a Service Set, so all can be added and assigned at the same time.  Contact ResiDex support staff to create this Service Set.

The questions asked and responses elicited in the Symptom Screen is customizable;  ResiDex support staff can assist in setting these up also.

Reports associated with resident symptom screening:

  • Covid 19 Resident Screen - this is a paper worksheet that can be used to document symptoms
  • Symptom Screen Tracking Campus - show all symptom charting and vital signs charted at a given time for a campus
  • Symptom Screen Tracking Resident - shows all symptom charting and vital signs charted at a given time for a selected resident

Once symptom screen and vital sign monitoring is in place, make sure that the nurse is receiving notifications to vitals that fall outside an acceptable range.  This is done by first entering vital sign parameters in the Global Service List, then enabling the report Vital Signs Out of Range to appear on your Login Report.  This is also available as an alert via Email or SMS (text message).  This article describes setting up Login Report or Alert notifications.

Covid-19 Resident Testing Documentation

A service has been added to all Global Service Lists ( Covid 19 Diagnostic / PCR test) that can allow users to document Covid antigen PCR testing as an unscheduled service and specify whether the resident is positive or negative.  A positive result will flag that resident profile and all services for the resident. To remove the flag, the user just documents that same unscheduled service and indicates 'negative'.  The report Covid 19 Diagnostic / PCR Test Overview will show the history of positive and negative documentation.

Reports associated with testing are located in the Report Category Covid Test and include:

  • Covid 19 Diagnostic / PCR Test Overview
  • Covid 19 Infection Rate as of Date
  • Covid 19 Infection Rate over Time
  • Resident with Positive Covid diagnostic / PCR Test

For large facilities that are doing mass testing, we have the option of entering testing results via Excel spreadsheet en masse.  Contact Residex Support for information.  

Email Notifications to Resident Contacts

The report 'Contact Email Addresses - Grouped' has been enabled in all databases.  This report groups the email addresses of resident contacts together by community.  Simply Copy and Paste these addresses into the bcc: option of the email you wish to send, put your own address in the main address destination and send.  Putting addresses together in the bcc: field will prevent the recipients from seeing others' emails and so preserves confidentiality.  

Staff / Visitor Screening

RTasks has paper worksheets available to document results of staff symptom screening:

  • Covid 19 Staff Screen
  • Covid 19 Staff Screening
  • Covid 19 Staff-Visitor Screen

RTasks Limited Access

Grant limited RTasks access to health professionals,  allowing those consultants to view resident data such as vital signs, current med lists, PRN med usage, etc... and enhancing communication between your facility and the medical team.  This describes how you can give RTasks access and limit that person's access by resident.  These users can get 'up to speed' by reading this article on navigation in RTasks for limited access users.

Support for Temp Staff

Health care professionals from outside may be called upon to provide cares and services in your facility.  We offer support articles and resources to get users up-to-speed quickly.

RTasks Fast Track charting overview:

Our website ( offers a link to a recorded RTasks training.  

Evacuation Support

Evacuation of residents to alternate facilities or homes would require sharing key information to the receiving facility and staff that would allow care and services to continue uninterrupted.  Suggestions for reports to send would include:

  • Emergency Packet - combines a Resident Profile with Master Care Plan
  • Med Sheets HHA - paper MAR
  • Med Sheets Monthly - paper Treatment record