Create Invoice Lines

Create Invoice Lines

The "key" step to kick off the billing process is to "Create Invoice Lines". This is accessed from the Billing tab and is the next item in the billing "flow chart". When you click on this button, ResiDex will automatically create charge line items. It will look at the Fee and Payer screen and the Recap/Today Screen and consolidate all the charges onto the charge screen with any manual charges that have been entered. This process is populating the invoice fields and may take a few minutes to complete.

Creating Invoice Lines:

This process can be done any time throughout the month to check what billing would look like at a point and time. For incremental/fee for service billing this MUST be done after ALL DOCUMENTATION/RECAP HAS BEEN ENTERED for the month. You can verify documentation is complete by following our instruction on the Missing Service Recap Document.

Re-Creating Invoice Lines:

If you need to make changes to the charge screen, you may manually edit charge items. There may be times when you need to do a bigger change and you want the charges automatically created correctly. This may be due to a rate increase that was not entered prior to creating invoice lines or a new resident who was not entered correctly. You may at any time "Re-create invoice lines" to start the billing over again.

To Recreate Invoice lines:

  • From the Billing Tab click Re-create Invoice Lines
  • Another screen will appear click UnPopulate

  • After changes are made and you are ready click Create Invoice Lines to start the billing process again

NOTE: If you edit charge items that are AUTOMATICALLY CREATED and "Re-Create" invoice lines", your changes will be "un-done". The only items NOT impacted by re-creating invoice lines are "Manual Charges".