ResiDex: Create Policies

ResiDex allows users to create policies to be viewed and/or acknowledged by staff in RTasks.  The policies can be administrative (dress code, attendance, HIPAA) or be procedural and link to a specific service (Med administration, blood glucose monitoring, etc...).

Create a Policy:

  • From Desktop ResiDex, start at the Setup Tab
  • Search for 'Policy' and select the option on the right, 'Policy Management'

  1. Select a section
  2. Press "New" at the top to enter a new policy

  1. Enter a policy Title
  2. Enter the policy "text" or "detail" (information can be copied and pasted, using keyboard shortcuts).

NOTE: You may wish to highlight text and click on the box that appears

  1. Select a different font style
  2. Change the font size
  3. Left/Right justify the paragraph
  4. Decrease/Increase the paragraph indent
  5. Change the font to bold (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl B = Bold font)
  6. Change the font to Italic  (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl I = Italic font)
  7. Underline the font (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl U = Underlined font)
  8. Change the font color
  9. Highlight the text
  10. Left align the paragraph
  11. Center align the paragraph
  12. Right align the paragraph
  13. Numbered outline
  14. Bullet point the outline

If you wish to add a link to a website, simply type the address (example:

Publish a Policy:

  • Follow the steps above to create a policy
  • Click the area by Policy "For"

  • A pop up will appear - hold the Ctrl key down on your keyboard and select the providers who need to review the policy

  • Change the status of the policy from Draft to Published
  • Press OK to confirm you want to publish the policy
  • Click "Publish All" at the top of the screen.

Link a Policy to a Service:

If you wish to link a policy to a service so it is accessible whenever the service is performed:

  • Follow the steps to create the policy
  • Select one or more "Related Services"

View and Review Policies':

After policies are published you and your staff can View and Review Policies in RTasks.