Creating an Adjustment Charge Line

If you bill "multiple payers" there may be a time when you need to create a charge line for a past invoice. You would only need to do this if you find out after the invoice was posted that another payer is going to be paying on that invoice.  If that is the case, you will need to add a payer line which will add a "payer charge line" all  with a $0.00 amount so an adjustment can be applied to it.

To Create a Charge Line:

  • Verify the resident has the correct payer in the "Fee and Payer" screen
  • Go to the "Charge Screen"
  • Go back to the correct month/invoice and click "Add Line"

  1. Select the appropriate payer
  2. Enter the G/L (General Ledger) Code, type N/A or type a charge description 
  3. Select if this charge is a "Pre-Bill" or "Post-Bill" charge
  4. Press OK

  • A message will appear to confirm you want to add the line - Press OK
  • You will now see your charge screen contains a new line item

After this line item is created you can enter and apply an adjustment to increase this payer's total due for the invoice.