RTasks & Data Security

In this day and age, data security is everyone's concern.  ResiDex has implemented industry best practices to reduce the likelihood of data privacy breaches, and continues to look for ways to enhance security.  

This article responses to some frequently asked questions in this regard.

Uploaded Documents & Files

RTasks can be used as a secure file storage system - users typically upload resident and staff photos, document scans (signed agreements, labs, medication orders, etc), and sent and received faxes.

We use an industry leading cloud storage system for the management of these important and sensitive files. It is both secure (files are encrypted-at-rest) and "highly durable," meaning automatic redundant backup copies are kept automatically in multiple separate data centers. This system is able to handle data loss at multiple data storage facilities simultaneously without disruption to users. This process is done in real time, so when a user uploads a file it is immediately stored in these redundant systems. To our users, this is all invisible: the process looks like simply dragging and dropping a file.

File Retention

Presently all uploaded documents are kept indefinitely unless a user takes direct action to remove a document.

  • No documents are deleted by our system automatically.
  • An authorized user can delete documents one-at-a-time through the RTasks interface, but can't accidentally delete any files en masse.
  • En mass deletions can be executed by ResiDex at client request.


Generation of backups
Database backups - meaning a copy of all data ever recorded into RTasks by a client- are made daily. Database backups are stored using the same encrypted-at-rest durable file management system described above.

Database backup Retention

  • Daily database backup copies are kept for the previous 7 days.
  • Weekly database backup copies are kept for the previous 5 weeks.
  • Monthly backup copies are kept for one year. 

 RTasks Access

We have a load balancing system of multiple web servers designed to accommodate spikes in traffic at peak times and can keep RTasks up and running if a web server fails  We can rapidly scale up number and performance of our web servers if needed.

RTasks Vault

Vault.rtasks.net (details here) exists to help bridge the gap providing access to paper based backup charting.

Vault is run on different systems than RTasks.net to ensure if RTasks.net encounters unexpected failures, they will not impact Vault.

Vault is a web portal that can be accessed by RTasks users with appropriate permissions (role 911) using their normal RTasks.net credentials, and serves as a means by which paper-based charting and other emergency documents can be accessed during planned RTasks downtime events, should an unplanned RTasks outage occur, or if your facility is experiencing internet access or power issues.

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