Deactivate Staff

In the event of a staff member resigning, being terminated, or otherwise leaving your employee, you must deactivate that user's account to protect access to the data you manage. Fortunately it is extremely easy and fast to disable a user's access to ResiDex and/or RTasks!

Remove RTasks Access

You may remove access to for a staff member without making their staff record inactive; this will allow you to still track them as an active staff member while preventing their access to any/all RTasks data.

From the Staff Profile,

  • Select Security
  • Select Login & Access
  • Check the option 'User can not log into RTasks' 


Disable / Deactivate a User

You can disable a user's account by making that staff person inactive -  opening the user's Staff Profile and pressing the 'Deactivate Staff' button.

Inactive staff records are still accessible in RTasks;   staff can be reactivated and permissions regranted at any time.