Disconnected Charting

What is Disconnected Charting?

The availability and reliability of Wi-Fi may be limited, especially in large buildings. Even facilities who have Wi-Fi may find it unreliable when in certain areas of the building.

Disconnected Charting provides an affordable option to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of electronic charting!  Disconnected charting can also serve as a tool in the Emergency Plan for the facility.

Disconnected Charting allows users  to log into RTasks while connected to the internet via a known internet source (e.g. wifi or hotspot) and download their assignments for the day to their tablet or device.  They can then go 'offline' (disconnect from the internet) and continue with their electronic documentation while working 'offline'.  At intervals throughout the day, users can return to an area with known wifi reception, reconnect and 'upload' data to save what was charted while in 'offline' mode and to share that data with other users. While charting 'offline', users can document:

  • Scheduled & Unscheduled services & tasks
  • Resident notes
  • Scheduled & Unscheduled (PRN) medication administrations
  • Chart an unscheduled activity 
  • Send a message to other staff (will send once reconnected)
  • Track supplies, and more.
Recommendations and Notes
  • Recommended Web Browsers for using Disconnected Charting are Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox web browsers
  • Disconnected Charting is presently not supported on Internet Explorer.
  • If your mobile device can connect to cellular networks and it does not NOT have a data plan, then the device should be put in Airplane Mode, with Wi-Fi enabled. 

How to Use Disconnected Charting:

  1. Connect to the internet on your device, and then log into RTasks
  2. Select a Provider
  3. Click "Work Offline"

A confirmation will appear - click "Close message". You may now disconnect from the internet or move out of range of your WiFi signal and chart as you would normally.

Reconnect to RTasks:

When you return to an area with known wifi connection and reconnect to the internet, you can return to charting online.  Charting online will "upload" all of the items that have been marked complete and display any new information added since you began working offline.  To return to charting online, click the banner at the top of the screen.

When working in disconnected mode, the user will not have access to service history or med history.  Connecting to the internet again will allow users to view that data.  We recommended users working offline reconnect every 2 hours or so to share data with others.  Always reconnect before administering a PRN medication to view history of that med, document the administration while connected to wifi, then go offline again if needed.


Always return to "Work online" before you sign out or leave for the day. If you do not return to online, the services you charted will not be "synced" to the database.