Documenting Activities

Activity inventories, documenting by resident, and documenting by activity type

Activity Inventory

Note: To use the Activity Inventory, a user will need Staff Role #61 - ActiviDex Basic

After entering a resident's basic profile info, and after filling in their activity preferences, you will be able to print sign in sheets or other reports notifying staff members of an individual's interest in any activity.

Documenting by Resident

  • From the Activities tab, Press the "Document by Client" button
  • Select the date to document (today's date is the default)
  • Select the resident from the drop-down list. This will show All activities for that resident on that day
  • Click the "Attend" box by each activity the individual attended
  • Add optional notes, (actively involved, anxious, un-easy, etc)

Documenting by Activity Type

  • From the Activities tab, Select the Date of the activity
  • In the list of activities for that day, Click on the "Document" button to the left of the individual activity you wish to document.
  • Click on the word "Resident Name" to sort Residents by their names
  • Click on the word "Community" to sort Residents by their communities
  • Check the "Attend" box next to all Residents who attended the activity, and Optionally add notes!
  • Press "OK" when finished.