Editing a Payment

 If a payment was entered or applied incorrectly, you can edit the payment.

To edit a payment the batch must be open.  If it is not open you can follow the instructions to open the batch.

To open a payment batch:

  • From the Receive tab click on the batch (on the left side of the screen)
  • Click on one of the payments on the right of the screen
  • Click the Edit option 

  • Press OK to confirm you want to edit this payment batch
  • Edit the batch (I recommend adding a 1 to the front of the number.  Example: $21,485.00 becomes $121,485)

  • Press OK
  • Close the screen and see a pop up "Batch is not complete. Close form anyway? - Press Yes
  • The batch is now open - follow the instructions below to edit payment details

To Un-apply a payment:

  • From the Receive tab - click on the batch containing the payment
  • Click on the payment on the right
  • Click the "un-apply" button to the right of the payment
  • If you are automatically prompted to re-apply the payment - press cancel

To Edit the Payment Amount:

  • Un-apply the payment (if it was applied) following the above directions
  • Edit the dollar amount that was entered
  • Tab through the remaining fields
  • Apply the payment or leave it un-applied

Note: This is the process that will be used if you applied a payment to the wrong resident or account.  When you edit the payment, change the amount to be $0.00.

To "Delete a Batch":

  • Follow the instructions to open the batch
  • Follow the instructions to un-apply and zero out any payments in the batch
  • When all payments are un-applied and zero follow the instructions to "open the batch", however, you will edit the batch total to $0.00