Editing Charges

If you create invoice lines and notice changes that need to be made, you can make those changes directly to the charge screen. This can be done AFTER creating invoice lines but BEFORE posting.  Once the posting process is complete, the charge screen is locked and cannot be edited.

Editing Charges:

  • Start at the Billing Tab and click Charges
  • Select a Resident name to see the charges that were populated
  • Click on a charge you want to edit and edit as needed

  1. Description
  2. Quantity or Price
  3. Add a note
  4. Edit the Payer
  5. Toggle Prebill vs. Postbill (click on the word that is displayed)
  6. Delete the charge


NOTE: If you edit charge items that are AUTOMATICALLY CREATED and "Re-Create" invoice lines", your changes will be "undone". The only items NOT impacted by re-creating invoice lines are "Manual Charges".