Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

The 21st Century Cures Act—which was signed into law in 2016—requires state agencies to implement a system of electronic visit verification (EVV) for personal care services and home health care services provided and reimbursed under Medicaid. The EVV mandate is designed to ensure that people get the care they are promised and to cut down on fraudulent care claims.  Electronic visit verification is a process that uses electronic means to verify care provider visits for personal or home health care services. 

RTasks offers Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) as a configuration option.  Contact a member of the ResiDex support team to set this configuration for your database.

How it Works

Web Browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc...) all offer the capability of location tracking.  Setting the RTasks configuration simply allows RTasks to use that data as staff mark services or chores complete.

Users will log into RTasks in the usual way.  When marking the first service complete, a pop-up will appear from the Browser, asking if it is okay to use location services.  The user should approve.  Each service or resident note marked complete will document 

  • The service being completed or note entered
  • The individual receiving the service or note
  • Date and time of the service completion
  • Date and time of service initiation (derived from the time the service was completed and go back the recorded number of minutes the service took)
  • Name of the staff person charting the service or note
  • The GPS coordinates of the staff person at the time the service was charted.  


Reports can show the GPS coordinates of the employee as they documented.  This report shows by Provider, but the report Electronic Visit Verification - Staff will allow users to select a particular staff person for a specific period of time.