Controlled Med Counting

With RTask's  E-mar, users can track counts for controlled medications electronically as controlled meds are received from the pharmacy, at the point of medication administration, and any time on-demand (typically during shift changes).

Before you Begin:

  1. Ensure that any med requiring a pill count is marked as a "controlled" medication.  This is done from RTasks Global Medication list by users with the 411 (Administrative) role.  
  2. If residents have both a scheduled order and PRN (as needed) order for the same medication, ask that the pharmacy supply this in two separate bottles, cards, or cartridges. This allows you to maintain accurate records for each order.
  3. RTasks offers two different configurations for the EMAR;  identify what configuration is in use at your campus.  If your medications are setup by the nurse in a dosage box or are supplied by the pharmacy as a group of meds packaged together according to time of administration, you may be using the Dosage Box Configuration. If staff punch out meds from individually-packaged bubble packs, you are likely using the Standard EMAR configuration.

Receive Medications Count

This screen allows users to document quantities of medications received from the pharmacy and add them to the number on hand for a new total.

  • From the Clinical tab in RTasks, select the option "Receive Medications"
  • Select the name of the resident and the medication you are documenting as received. Once selected, the dosage information appears
  • If you choose to have a witness, select the name of the witness and have them enter their RTask password in the appropriate field.  This is optional.

Scrolling down, there are fields allowing additional entry:

  • Count/Quantity Received- enter the number of pills or quantity received from the pharmacy
  • Count/Quantity Remaining- add the quantity received to the quantity already on hand to enter a total quantity remaining
  • Received date- enter the date received from the pharmacy
  • RX number- there is room to include two RX numbers here. Enter both the old and new RX number so both are displayed when staff are administering
  • Pharmacy- the name of the pharmacy from which the medications were received (only the resident's own pharmacies will be listed)
  • Provider- the name of the prescriber (only the resident's own health care providers will appear)
  • Note field- is optional and allows users to add any additional details they wish (such as if the pharmacy is sending only a partial fill of a given medication and more are expected).

Med Setup/Nurse Review Count

From the Clinical button in RTasks, select the option allowing nurses to document medications setup or reviewed by the nurse.   Because the title of this is configured per facility, the name may vary-- Med Setup, Nurse Review, etc... or may be configured to not appear at all.  Contact ResiDex support staff if you'd like to change the title or the configuration.

  • Select the resident you wish to setup or review medications for
  • Select the date range of the medications being setup or reviewed.  The resident's medications will then populate.  
  • You are able to select each medication and document the setup or review.  If the medication is a controlled medication, you may enter a count

  • For the Dosage Box configuration, nurses will subtract the number he/she is setting up and enter the total number remaining.  (In Dosage Box configuration, meds are grouped for administration and so staff will NOT be asked to perform a count when administering scheduled medications.)
  • For the Standard EMAR configuration, the nurse will enter the total count on hand.  Staff will subtract each dose upon administration.
  • An optional note can be entered if needed.

E-mar Today Screen Pill Count:

  • Log into RTasks > select a provider > click on a med assist service to view meds
  • A "banner" will appear if the medication is a controlled medication
  • If using the Dosage Box  EMAR configuration, staff will not need to enter a count with each administration;  this was done by the nurse at setup/review.
  • If using the Standard  EMAR configuration, staff will be asked to enter the following:
  1. Enter the number of pills given
  2. Enter the number of pills remaining
  3. View medication count history (optional)

Clinical/Medication Counting 

Staff can document counts at any desired interval using the Clinical/Medication Counting screen.  This allows facilities to document at what interval is required in their state, under their license or facility policy.  To do this, click on the Clinical button > Medication Counting

  • Select the name of the resident;  that person's controlled medications will populate 
  • Enter the name of a witness.  (This can be set to be required or optional).  If using a witness, they enter their RTask password in the appropriate field
  • Scroll down and enter the current count of the first medication listed.
  • An optional note field can be used to document if this is a count correction, if a dose needs to be wasted, or to explain an incorrect count.
  • Click on "Save" and scroll to the next medication listed.

At the bottom, users have the option to go "back" and close out of the Medication Counting Screen, or click on "Next Resident" which will allow you to document  counts for the next resident alphabetically (saving time if you are counting all controlled meds for a group of residents).

Correcting Med Counts

  • While RTasks will alert users if a count being entered is incorrect or does not correspond with the last count entered, this can be overridden
  • If a correction to a count is needed, this can be done under Clinical>Medication Count. Any note entered here will be included in the count history.  
  • The RTask Report "Pill Count History" can be used to view controlled med counts by resident.

View Medication Count History

  • Click on "View Medication Count History"
  • Enter a date range
  • View the details below including the number of pills given, the count remaining and the staff who documented

Incorrect Pill Count:

As you are entering a pill count, you may notice a warning message if the count does not match. You can edit the count or look at the view medication count history to find out if the previous pill count was incorrect.  Below is an example of the message that will appear if the count is not consistent.