Enhanced Billing Pro-rating

In all facilities there is constant movement of residents and their level of care.  For this reason, we have enhanced RTasks billing to automatically handle these situations.  This document will outline how our enhanced billing prorating works. 

Before we begin, each campus can choose a pro-rating rule. Do you pro-rate on an annual or monthly calculation?

  • Annual = Rate x 12 / 365 = rate per day
  • Monthly = Rate / days in month = rate per day

Once you determine your pro-rating calculation, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set the campus configuration option for you.

Pro-rating will be determined if you pre or post bill your packages and/or services. If you have questions on how your system is billing please contact us and we can help.

Let's begin outlining scenarios where pro-rating will take place.

A New Resident:

When a new resident moves in and your system is configured to PRE-BILL any rent, supplemental packages, and/or care packages, the new move in will have charges for the current month (post billed) and charges for the next month (pre-billed) charges populate.  This is required because all other residents were invoiced for the current month when the previous invoices were generated.  

Below is an example of what a new resident's invoice may look like.  It will contain:

  • Post billed charges for the current month
  • Pre-billed charges for the next month
  • NOTE: If any of your rates are set to POST BILL you will NOT see the Pre-bill line item invoiced

Current Resident Changes Rent, Care Packages and Adds/Ends Supplemental Packages:

This scenario again will use our pre-bill options and demonstrate what happens when a person:

  • Changes room/rent
  • Changes care packages one or more times in a month
  • Adds/ends a supplemental package

Keep in mind, that when you pre-bill items these changes are coming AFTER the items were invoiced the previous month.  Due to that fact, we must first REVERSE what was billed and re-invoice the correct amount. Below is an example of:

  • Credit from what was billed last month
  • Post billed corrected charges for the current month based on changes
  • Pre-billed charges for the next month based on the most current rates for the resident

Resident Moves Out/ is Discharged:

When a resident is discharged any pre-billed charges will need to be credited and re-invoiced for the correct number of days.  It will work the same as the above scenario when changes are made, however, the pre-billed charges for the next month will not be invoiced. In the case of the following resident, due to the amount of the credit and the new charges there is a credit on his invoice. Just like the previous examples, the invoice shows:

  • Credit from what was billed last month
  • Post billed corrected charges for the current month based on changes