Resident Notes

Resident notes allow users to document narrative notes about the resident. If you have the ResiDex user role "5 - Resident Notes" along with RTasks access, you will be able to add Resident Notes.

Enter Resident Notes in RTasks:

Notes can be entered either under the Resident Profile screen in RTasks OR from the Today Screen's +More button.  Entry fields/requirements are identical in both cases.

  • Click the + More button in RTasks

  • Select the option New Resident Note

  • The note entry screen will appear

  1. The current date appears by default;  edit as needed to reflect the occurrence date
  2. The current time appears by default;  edit as needed to reflect the correct occurrence time
  3. Select the Resident from the drop down list
  4. Select a Note Type (note type options can be set in desktop Residex)
  5. Enter the Topic
  6. Enter the narrative details of the note
  7. "Send Note as Snap Message", if selected, allow users to send the topic and body of the note as a snap message to selected others without needing to re-enter details.  Once the note is saved, users are taken directly to a snap message screen, allowed to select snap message recipients and send.
  8. Press Save to complete your entry or Back to cancel the note without saving

 Viewing Note History / Edit or Strike a note

  • On the RTasks + More screen - select View Resident Notes

  •  The Resident note history screen will open

  1. Select the start date of the date range of notes you wish to view
  2. Select the end date of that date range
  3. Select a resident for whom you'd like to view notes OR keep the default "All" and notes and all resident notes will be visible
  4. If you wish to also view service notes entered during that period, put a check in "Include Service Notes"
  5. If you wish to also view notes entered as followup to referral appointments, put a check in the "Include Referral Followup Notes"
  6. Optionally, search by note type or topic
  7. Note Type, Topic, and the note itself may be edited by the writer for a specified time (the interval can be configured in desktop Residex).
  8. Notes may be stricken if entered in error.  

  1. Enter a reason for striking the note (this is optional)
  2. Press 'Strike note' to complete striking the note or cancel to stop the striking process 
  3. Stricken notes do not appear on Notes reports but may be retrieved upon request.