Enter an Assessment

  • Users with Role 32 are able to to document clinical Assessments.
  • Access to conduct ONLY "Non-clinical assessments" (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can optionally be granted to non-nursing staff.

Enter Assessments in RTasks:

  • From the Clinical menu, select Assessments

  • Select a Resident or Prospect and the Assessment Type
  • Note:  If an assessment has been previously started and not marked complete, it will be listed as an 'open' assessment.  
  • Users can finish the open assessment and mark complete.  Not all assessment options are available to perform until an open assessment is complete.
  • The Type menu may vary based on customizations made for your organization and your particular permissions.

  • Once the Assessment type is selected, this opens fields allowing the user to enter the context of the assessment (done in person or remotely) and
  • If a clinical update,  the reason the assessment is being performed (e.g. 90 day reassessment, Change of Condition, etc...) 

  • The assessment history button will allow you to view a history of the completed assessments for that resident.
  • The next assessment due date listed here can be edited (1)
  • Each instance of an assessment can be reviewed
  • An optional notes field in the assessment history will allow you to add a note regarding any circumstances surrounding that assessment. (2)
  • The assessment can be printed (3)
  • The person entering the assessment is able to delete an assessment that has been entered in error by clicking on the icon to the far right of that assessment (4)
  • Click on the Assessment History button a second time to close the history view.

Blue links (1) indicate assessment categories. Click on the category to add or edit details to items in that category


  • 'Counts' by each line item (2) will display how many topics in the categories have been or need to be completed. 
  • Not all items in each category are required to be addressed.  Notifications will appear to the user if a required element is not addressed.


Add/Edit Assessment Details: 

  • Click on a category link to see the evaluation options

  1.  Click the select box to select or de-select an assessment option.  Add Note or Edit Note buttons allow an optional Note (1)
  2. The date an item was selected and the name of the person who selected that item appears to the write of each item (2)
  3. An optional configuration allows users to add, view, and edit any services for the resident that relate to the category (3) (see below)
  4. Press Back to return to all assessment categories 

Add Services During Assessment Entry:

If assessment -> service links have been created, you will have the option of entering a service or services into the Resident's service plan while completing an assessment.  This is how it will look:

  • Begin entering an assessment as outlined above
  • If an evaluation option is linked to services a "Show related services" option will appear

  • When you click on the link, related services will be displayed

  • To add a service, click on the "Add to schedule" option and to edit the service on the service plan click "Already on service plan"
  • This is what displays on the "Already on service plan" screen

Skin Diagram

If the assessement option "Skin Diagram" is included as part of your assessment, users may click on the body diagram itself to show location, then add information about the skin concern in the corresponding field below and then click 'Save'.  

Marking an Assessment Complete

  • Click 'Mark Assessment as Completed' to close the assessment.  This applies the current date to the assessment and sends Care Plans to staff to review and acknowledge.

  • Enter the date of the next required assessment OR click the 'quick select' button to choose an option.  RTasks will calculate the due date for the next assessment.
  • The nurse can be notified electronically of next assessments due via RTask Login report OR via Notifications or the Status tab in desktop Residex. 
  • You can optionally enter a reason the the next assessment will be completed.