Enter Beginning Balances

ResiDex offers several ways to generate a charge or credit for an individual.  When tracking Personal Funds for residents, balances and charges will be entered manually.

When using Personal Funds, deposits will be entered as a negative (-) amount and a charge will be a positive amount.

Upload Beginning Balances for Individuals

  • From Billing - click Charges
  • Click - New Charges
  • Click Upload

  • Click Browse or drag and drop the file into the box (Make sure the balance is a CREDIT (negative) charge)
  • Select the charge type and date
  • Press Save Charge
  • When you navigate to the charges screen, all of the charges will be uploaded

Enter Beginning Balances Manually

  • From Billing - click Charges
  • Click - New Charges
  • Click the "Residents" tab
  • Select the Charge Type
  • Optionally edit the quantity, frequency and/or rate (for a credit enter a quantity of 1 with a negative (-) rate)
  • Optionally enter a note
  • Select the residents to have the charge added
  • Scroll to the bottom (or use the  at the top of the screen to drop to the bottom of the list)
  • Press - Save Charge
  • When you return to the charge screen, the newly added charge will be displayed