Enter Manual Charges

ResiDex offers several ways to generate a charge for an individual.  When billing, you may have automatically created line items as well as manually-entered items. You may need to manually enter a charge for a new move-in or to charge for items not related to service packages or services. 

A few commonly entered manual charges include:

  • Utility Fees
  • Beauty Shop fees
  • Replacement key charge
  • Guest Meals

Because manual charges are DIRECTLY entered on the resident "charges" screen, they are not affected by use of the "create" or "recreate" invoice lines option. You will manually enter these charges and, if needed, manually delete them.

Enter Manual Charge for one Resident:

  • From Billing - click Charges
  • Click - New Charges
  • Make sure the "Resident" tab is selected
  • Select the Resident
  • Select the Charge Type
  • Optionally edit the quantity, frequency and/or rate
  • Optionally enter a note
  • Press - Save Charge

Enter Manual Charge for Multiple Residents:

  • From Billing - click Charges
  • Click - New Charges
  • Click the "Residents" tab
  • Select the Charge Type
  • Optionally edit the quantity, frequency and/or rate
  • Optionally enter a note
  • Select the residents to have the charge added
  • Scroll to the bottom (or use the  at the top of the screen to drop to the bottom of the list)
  • Press - Save Charge

Upload a Group of Charges:

If you track any of your charges on a spreadsheet throughout the month (for example: Beauty shop charges or guest meals) you can upload the spreadsheet directly into RTasks so all of the charges are entered at the same time.  To upload charges:

  • From Billing - click Charges
  • Click - New Charges
  • Click the "Upload" tab
  • Click Browse (or optionally drag the file to the upload field)
  • Select the file to be uploaded and press Open
  • The charges will be visible in the list - If a name on your spreadsheet does not match exactly, you will have the opportunity to select the name
  • Select the Charge type
  • Select Save Charges

Sample Spreadsheet:

The spreadsheet to upload will have 3 columns in this order:

Name Amount Description

If you would like to download a sample spreadsheet:

  • From Billing - click Charges
  • Click - New Charges
  • Click the "Upload" tab
  • Click Download a sample Spreadsheet
  • Once it is downloaded you can open it and edit the names and start entering your information

Two Approaches:

  • Approach 1 - Each resident has ONE line on the spreadsheet, the amount is the total for the month and the description shows the details (possibly multiple dates

  • Approach 2: A Resident could have more than one charge line on the spreadsheet and the description would be different dates