Entering Adjustments

Adjustments are done when:

  • The facility is using the Accounts Receivable component of ResiDex
  • Statements were generated and distributed for the resident
  • Credits or debits need to be made on a previous month's charges

To Enter and Adjustments:

  • Click on the "Adjust" tab and click "New"
  1. Select a Resident
  2. Select the invoice from the option list - Make sure the "INVOICE TOTAL" (visible in the drop down list) DOES NOT have a $0.00 Total
  3. Enter the adjustment amount (putting a "-" in front of the amount will INCREASE the amount due and will be indicated after the amount is entered
  4. Select an "Adjustment Type"
  5. Enter an "Adjustment Date" - be sure to keep the date in the "current billing period" so the adjustment appears on the next statement
  6. Select the adjustment reason
  7. Enter a "note" (optional)

  • Apply to invoice line items - you can select one or more line item and specify how much is applied to each line

NOTE: You will have visiblity to each charge type for each item. When applying the adjustment amount, please note the payer by each.  If you want to increase or decrease a certain payer account, make sure you select the correct line item associated with each payer.